Bear Medicine

Published on 28 February 2021 at 11:04

I recently took a Reiki 1 class with Channel Medium, Sound Healer and Reiki Master Rachel Chamness @ I learned about the the history of reiki, hand placements and was attuned to do self healing!!! So exciting!!! It was a great class!

A day after the class I started having images in my minds eye of Bear paws!  I was informed by a friend of mine who is a Reiki master that I may see my hands differently or they may feel different after the initiation of Reiki. I found this to be true! I see my hands as bear paws that have a tingly sensation. WOW!!! I was curious and quite fascinated by this. So I went on the internet and researched  the healing Qualities of Bear medicine. 

  • The Bear Paw drawing above is made with the intention of representing the Elements. Earth, Air, Spirit, Water, Fire. Bringing together the forces of nature.
  • The Bear Paw drawing below is made with the intention of the cycles of life.
  • They both include the Celtic Spiral  known as the Spiral of Life. Symbolizing life, death and rebirth. Equally known as the Triple Goddess symbol representing the Mother, Maiden and Crone.  The spiral of life additionally means the Eternal Truth. That the meaning of life is to find harmoney between the three dimensions of our existence. The spiral symbol is the path leading from outer consciousness to inner soul enlightenment.


Bear medicine is powerful and healing. The strength of the bear medicine is the power to restore harmony and balance, to heal. The bear teaches us that it's essential to go within and reflect to find our answers. They also symbolize intuition, instinct and protection.
I drew this tribal Bear paw to bring fourth and strengthen the connection to Bear Medicine and my spirit helper that's come fourth to help me on my spiritual journey. 


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Rachel Chamness
3 years ago

This is so amazing, I could stare at this all day!