What to do when Feeling Off???

Published on 25 March 2021 at 11:38

What to do when feeling a bit off??? 

     I decided to write  today about self care as I've been working my way through  a bit of a wonky spurt lately. I'd like to share with you about what I do to help right myself and feel more centered both within and out. Let's face it we all have these days. 

I find that the first thing that starts to make me feel a bit more myself is just finding time and space to be by myself. A little solitude and Alone time, with only my thoughts and feelings, helps me to start the process of recognizing what it is that is throwing me off. Once I have an idea of what it is, I then start the process of cleansing myself with a salt bath and relaxing music. I also use self Reiki and light language to help clear and transmute and transform my lower vibrations and any stuck energies filling my body. The 3rd thing I do is eat something, as that not only makes my body feel happy ... it grounds and solidifies all my efforts to balance my spirit. My go to food lately has been  Strawberries. Strawberries work well for me because they are filled with life force energy. They are also red which happens to be a color that really resonates for me, it's the color of our root chakra and it helps me with grounding and connecting with Mother Earth Gaia. 



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