Bear Medicine

I recently took a Reiki 1 class with Channel Medium, Sound Healer and Reiki Master Rachel Chamness @ I learned about the the history of reiki, hand placements and was attuned to do self healing!!! So exciting!!! It was a great class! A day after the class I started having images in my minds eye of Bear paws!  I was informed by a friend of mine who is a Reiki master that I may see my hands differently or they may feel different after the initiation of Reiki. I found this to be true! I see my hands as bear paws that have a tingly sensation. WOW!!! I was curious and quite fascinated by this. So I went on the internet and researched  the healing Qualities of Bear medicine. 

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Let The Light In

As we further ourselves along with assention, we must try to keep ourselves high Vibe. That doesn't mean staying happy every day and ignoring the feelings that bring us down from time to time. In fact bringing light to the dark gritty areas you keep hidden are the necessary for this process and in result you will begin your healing. As you do this over a period of time and release the heavy hurts that have weighed on your heart you will start to feel light. You will feel this from the inside out. The more you can let go of the lower frequencys that weighs you down the higher in frequency you will go. 

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As time goes on spending days at my parents house to care for my terminally ill mother. I can't deny that there is a small bond forming between us that I am not used to having. Now that the past has been put behind us, mostly, and we both can just be with eachother with no judgments.  There's a certain unconditional love we have connected to. I feel my mom can now see me for the woman I have become. Today we did something that we haven't done since I was Probably about 10 or 11. We danced together! Hahaha! With Alexa playing John Danvers Country Road in the back round,  mom was standing up to use the commode I stood up to help and and we were face to face my mom say's "let's dance" it surprised me , i put my arm around her back and other in her hand and we held each other and did a lil slow dance. It totally brought me back to childhood when I would go to the kitchen to get a drink from the fridge and my mom would be dancing  to Stevie ray Vaughn blitzed out of her mind. Lol.  She would say what ya doing Lissa Lue?, then reach out and grab me then start twirling me around and dancing. She was always a good dancer.